Staying Fit

Join Angela & Jessica for a 6-week postnatal series program starting on March 28th

This is a progressive program, designed to increase your strength week by week!

Core Connection:
The Postpartum Series

Welcome to Core Connection, the 6-week postpartum core and pelvic floor program! This program was designed specifically for moms who are minimum 6 weeks postpartum who want to re-connect to their body, core and pelvic floor.  

Are you ready to feel confident and strong again?

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Young Mothers Staying Fit

The Full Experience:
Postpartum Series

What's included: 

  • Weekly workouts!! 2 prerecorded guided workout classes each week. Can be done at anytime convenient for you. Classes range from 10-40 minutes in length

  • Postnatal Guide: E-book that guides you through your postpartum recovery.  Topics include: Diastasis Recti Recovery, Pelvic floor exercises, scar tissue healing and return to exercise.    BONUS:  Exercise Demo's and tutorials! 

  • Access to an online community of mom's just like you, to connect with and encourage through all phases of motherhood. 

  • Live Q&A's and Workshops with Jess and Angela every week on a variety of postpartum tops like : Sleep, Nutrition, Diastasis Recti, Exercise. 

  • BONUS: Nutrition E-book + sample meal plan, grocery list, and recipes

Not ready for the full package?
Try our DIY Guides below! 

Postpartum Recovery:

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The Postpartum Guide

What's included: 

  • Core Guide: Includes self assessment for Diastasis Recti and progressive exercises to strengthen your core after baby (VIDEO DEMO'S INCLUDED!) 

  • Scar tissue recovery (both C-section and vaginal births)

  • Pelvic Floor Exercises and Individual Considerations!

  • How to progress back into exercise after baby. 

Want more individualized support?

  • One-one virtual assessment with Jess

  • ​Unlimited access to our online fitness library with over 50+ workout videos

Postpartum Nutrition: Recovery Guide

What's Included: 

  • Healing foods and nutrients to support postpartum recovery

  • Sample meal plan including a grocery list, meal prep guide, and recipes